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Water in Akoko Edo


Okpameri Tribal Leaders, Abodunde Farms

Between December 2019, and May 2021, our CEO attended a series events hosted by our tribal leaders leaders in Akoko-Edo which aimed to identify economic, social and environmental issues in our local government.


This culminated with his attendance of  "Akoko-Edo: Evolving a New Socio-economic Order" in the spring of 2021.

That same spring our CEO met one on one with Peter Akpatason in Abuja to discuss his perspectives on the issues facing Akoko-Edo. Peter is the Deputy Majority Leader in Nigeria's House of Representatives. 

Akoko Edo tribal leaders, Akoko-Edo Economic Summit, led by Oba E.A. Saiki, the Otaru of Igarra and Oba R.O Alufa, the Elekor of Ekor.

"Akoko-Edo imports too much food from neighboring local governments, and states, including basic foods and packaged water. This is because we lack the manufacturing and processing capability. Unfortunately this drives up costs for our already economically challenged area.  We have 300, 000 people living across Akoko-Edo, a chronic lack of local producers to help develop the local economy is problem. We invite our indigenous entrepreneurs to take a lead in community development."

                                                                                                      Peter Akpatason

Peter Akpatassen, Abodunde Farms

Femi Abodunde, CEO Abodunde Farms, in Abuja, with Representative, Peter Akpatason.

Commercial Water Development

Abodunde Farms launched commercial water products in September 2021

Abodunde Farms
Water, Abodunde Farms

In Nigeria, as in many African nations,  groundwater is the major source of drinking water, yet, a lack of quantitative data has meant that prior to last decade, groundwater storage was consequently omitted from assessments of freshwater availability. Strategies for increasing supply of drinking water on the widespread drilling of high yielding boreholes are only likely to succeed where local scale mapping of available resources are available, and successful tests of the physiochemical and microbial parameters of water sources are completed. 


It is with this in mind that Abodunde Farms consulted with researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University, and the University of Benin, who had recently published 'Quality of some water source in the environs of Igarra, Akoko-Edo, Nigeria'. We followed this up by commissioning a hydro-geological survey for on-site water supply development, designed our system, and completed the construction of a water treatment and packaging facility. 

Current Highlights

             250, 000+
Liters of high quality water produced monthly

             18, 000+
Retail customers reached monthly via 297 SME's

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