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Founder's Message

Femi Abodunde

Although I have spent several decades engaged as a manager and executive on expansion projects for Fortune 500 companies and startups, both in the USA and across the world, I also spent many years in between those assignments here in my ancient maternal community, researching, participating, and investing in our indigenous food systems, before committing myself, and my time, to a longer term agricultural venture.

I believe there are some great opportunities to improve the food supply chain in the forests and savanna's of West & Central Africa, so as to better serve our own ancient traditional markets and local SME's, in a region of the planet where food security is priority #1. That's how we are building our business, we are growing , sourcing, storing and distributing goods to regional markets and local SME's, using innovative, terrain appropriate ideas, while ensuring higher standards of food and water hygiene.


Prior to Abodunde Farms, Mr. Abodunde's background was in developing road maps with a focus on local to global expansion activities, while leading multi-site & cross functional leadership teams during high growth, transformative and ambiguous periods. He started his career at Best Buy Inc, and worked his way up to become the leader of one of their largest markets in the United States, headquarterd in Philadelpha. He has also worked internationally as Head of Country/Region, and/or C- Level executive at Alara Lagos (Nigeria), Mara Group (UAE),  Jumia (France), and Iflix (Malaysia) amongst others.

Femi Abodunde, Abodunde Farms


Ancient agriculture supply chain & farming systems are designed out of  our need to adapt to the ever changing environment.  West Africa has always faced weather and disease related environmental conditions which can be unfavorable for production. We believe water, land and food management have to be done in ways that allow for fast adaptations to our ever changing environment, so we are constantly implementing novel solutions. 


Our system at Abodunde Farms is implemented by indigenous family members who are highly skilled in ancient agriculture and logistics techniques that suit the variety of conditions we face throughout any given year. Many of these skills are intuitive and have been passed down for dozens of generations. We are not passive victims of our environment, we are innovative and adapt in real-time on this terrain.  We  make chameleon-like impressions on nature. 

AUSTIN KOLADE, Manager,  Agri-Hire Operations

Austin leads our Agri-hire sales, repair, inventory, transportation, storage, and cleaning activity. This includes maintenance responsibility for our agriculture equipment, and delivery fleet across all our businesses. The core of his work is centered around directing his staff to provide agricultural mechanization services to local farmers, entrepreneurs and other individuals engaged in tillage, post-harvest, processing, and other agricultural supply chain activities in our local government area.


WORTHY OLAJIDE, Manager, Commercial Water

Worthy's primary responsibility is to maintain quality and quantity product control so as to ensure the on-time delivery of our commercial pure water. He supervises our overall water factory production activities, as well as the related B2B sales and delivery operation.


IDOWU KOLADE, Farm Manager

Idowu is an indigenously trained horticulturist whose primary responsibility is to organize our family and community labor for sourcing, growing, harvesting, and storage. He also oversees batch production processes, packaging, quality control, and the purchasing of farm inputs relating to pomology and olericulture.

Idowu Kolade, Abodunde Farmms

DORCAS KURE, Manager, Commercial Bakery 

In this role Dorcas supervises staff in our commercial baking facility in the production of  breads, pastries, and other baked goods. This includes the use high-volume mixing machines, ovens, provers and other automated equipment designed to mass-produce standardized baked goods.


ALABA KURE, Engineer

Alaba is responsible  for the  application of equipment and devices, as well as design of the electrical systems which we are using to grow our agriculture processing, as well as commercial water and baking operations.

Alaba Kure, Abodunde Farms


Oba of Ekor

OBA R.O. ALUFA, His Royal Highness, The  Elekor of Ekor

Akoko Edo is one of the first, and largest unadulterated local government areas (county) in Nigeria. Our community, Akoko- North,  is made up four villages and towns, namely, Ibillo, Ekor, Ekpesi, and Ikiran-Ile. This is because of the uniformity in our customs and traditions. Our community leadership is selected rotationally from four ruling ancient families. Oba R.O Alufa is the current leader of the community.  

We are a farming community in which all the lands are owned by the community and various families, including ours.  Oba R.O Alufa serves as a proponent of community development, as well as an arbiter of land disputes. 

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